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Chilecollector mencionado en el informe de la comisión literatura de la FIP
FIP Philatelic Literature Commission

Minutes of the Commission Meeting held in Málaga, Spain, (Hotel NH Málaga)
12 October 2006 at 1200 hours

In the Hotel NH Malaga, Avenida Rio de Guadalmedina, on Thursday 12 October 2006 at 1200 hours. Venue: Sala Gibralfaro.


    The Chairman, Francis Kiddle, welcomed Delegates, Observers and Guests. He introduced the Secretary - Norman Banfield (New Zealand), Bureau Member - Liu Jia Wei (China) and the FIP Board Member responsible for the Literature Commission - Charles Peterson. Apologies had been received from Bureau Members Toke Nørby (Denmark) and Osvaldo Mario Giordano (Argentina).

    The meeting stood for a minutes silence in remembrance of Herbert Moll (Peru) and Harry Sutherland (Canada).

    Delegates and Proxies were duly Registered and APPROVED
    In attendance 17 Delegates and Proxies:
    Argentina - proxy to Italy - Bruno Crevato-Selvaggi
    Australia Malcolm Groom
    Canada Charles Verge
    China Liu Jia Wei
    Germany Wolfgang Maassen
    Great Britain Francis Kiddle
    Greece Anthony Virvilis
    India Madhukar Jhingan
    Italy Bruno Crevati-Selvaggi
    Mexico Alejandro Grossman
    Netherlands Henk Buitenkamp
    New Zealand Norman Banfield
    Portugal Hernâni António Carmelo de Matos
    Singapore Henry Ong
    Spain Juan Manuel Cerrato Garcia
    Chinese Taipei Michael Ho
    U.S.A. Michael Dixon
    FIP Board Charles Peterson
    Observers included:  
    Dr Peter McCann FIP Vice President
    Tay Peng Hian FIP Director
    Manuel L Mariño Chile
    Emil Minnaar South Africa
    Michael M H Lin Chinese Taipei

    The Agenda, as previously circulated, was APPROVED
    The Chairman's Report for the period 2004-2006, as previously circulated with the Notice of Meeting, was APPROVED. The Chairman referred in particular to Toke Nørby's work on the website and the addition of 9 CDs of data from Brian Birch.
    [Note: for ease of reference these are in alphabetical country order.]

    Argentina: Philatelic literature was very "developed" - TEMEX'03 had more than 400 entries including many magazines/journals from clubs. An important agreement had been made with Argentina Post for all philatelic literature to be sent worldwide free of charge.

    Australia: The biggest publisher was Brusden-White with its detailed Australian Commonwealth Specialist Catalogues. The Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria published reference books - a link was provided through the Australian Philatelic Federation (APF) website www.apf.org.au . An ongoing project was Australian States postal stationery catalogues - one had been produced and others were close to "draft" stage. The APF had a programme to publish for reference purposes Australian exhibits with high awards.

    Canada: The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) Foundation promoted literature with an award for a publication on any British North America (BNA) subject and an award to a Canadian on any subject. The last literature exhibition in 2005 had entries from 25 countries; the next exhibition will be in 2008, probably May. There was a project to scan 25,000 pages of Weill Harrison topics and to copy exhibits of BNA material - aim to do 10-20 titles a year. The RPSC was scanning 30,000 pages of The Canadian Philatelist - target to have these on its website by end 2006 and with a search facility. The Vincent Greene Foundation was looking for manuscripts and had decided to enlarge its publication criteria and publish some non-philatelic titles during the next few years.

    Chile: The Philatelic Society of Chile has published the Specialized Catalogue of the Stamps of Chile 2006 which was awarded a Gold Medal at ESPAÑA'06. The Society also has a website www.sociedadfilatelica.cl

    China: The All China Philatelic Federation was holding a national literature exhibition on 20 October 2006 but only for literature in Chinese. A request was made for a report on the exhibition - how many books and journals and the results with a list of titles in English so as to provide information on what is being published in China.

    Czech Republic: PRAGA 2008 will include literature and it was hoped to include electronic media and websites. A virtual album had been developed - EXPONET www.exponet.info [it has 170 exhibits from 27 countries]. Details of technical requirements could be requested by email.

    Germany: Monthly and fortnightly journals, Michel catalogues, 200 very active study groups mostly publishing small booklets. National literature exhibition in Leipzig in 2007. New project started in October - website of German Philatelic Federation: KOMPAS for collectors (like Wikipedia) includes fight against forgeries, over 700 static pages, in German but easy for everyone to use. Hope to make it free early in 2007, aiming to get support from e-bay and some postal administrations.

    Great Britain: Over 200 specialist societies, Royal Philatelic Society London, British Philatelic Trust and the Rossiter Trust all publishing philatelic literature. The National Philatelic Society library was expected to go into the National Postal Museum & Archive. Biggest single achievement had been to put the complete London Philatelist onto 11 CDs with search and printing facilities - 1 GB of information and updates every year.

    Greece: Now publishing 2-3 books each year - problem of finance - most publications financed by auction houses and distributed free to their clients - very good but resulted in a restricted readership.

    India: For the first time in five years philately was being funded by the Government and being promoted at "grass roots" level - a stamp catalogue being produced every 2-3 years.

    Italy: Italian Post Philatelic Department was supporting some publications making more copies available. The Institute for Postal Historic Studies in Prato is a private scientific institute funded by the Italian Government - it has a very large philatelic library of 32,000 entries and is interested in internet exchange [website: www.issp.po.it ]

    Mexico: Had three entries in ESPAÑA'06.

    Netherlands: Only a few books published each year but a lot of special study groups publishing research for their members. There was the possibility of the national federation providing money for books. There was a very good library near Utrecht.

    New Zealand: The 10th National Literature Exhibition would be held in June 2007 - open to all - no entry fees - one copy only of a publication. Two new books being written - Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand handbooks, Volume IX on Postal Stationery of New Zealand to be published early 2007, and North Shore Philatelic Society book on New Zealand: The Chalon Issues 1855-1873 is being written.

    Portugal: One book had received a Gold medal 91 points at Washington 2006 - A Study of All Marks Used in Portuguese Post Offices Between 1853 and 1900. The National Association of Journalists & Writers (ANJEF) produced a magazine and in 2005 organized ESTREMOZ 2005 - the first national literature exhibition - involving Portugal, Spain and Brazil. ANJEF promoted an annual philatelic literature seminar. The authors of History of Postal Military Service - a catalogue of Portuguese military aerogrammes - had received the 2006 Lewandowsky Award of the United Postal Stationery Society.

    Singapore: The Association of Singapore Philatelists supported philatelic research and had recently approved setting aside funds for literature publication.

    South Africa: The South African Philatelist had recently introduced monetary awards for articles in the South African Philatelist on the philately of southern Africa - in memory of Jack Haggar. It also promoted publication of books such as the recent Siege of Rustenburg by Harry Birkhead.

    Spain: Had achieved a Large Gold at ESPAÑA'06 for Spanish Pre-philately: Catalogue of Postal Marks of Spain & Dominions in the Indies, 18th & 19th Centuries, volumes 1-4.

    Chinese Taipei: In recent years all books had been privately published - important news is that Chungwha Post is currently preparing an official detailed postal stationery catalogue. The first edition in 2007 will be in Chinese but an English edition is expected to follow probably in 2008. It was suggested that bilingual publication should be promoted.

    U.S.A.: Normally five national literature exhibitions were held each year - anyone can enter - details under "Shows & Exhibitions" on the American Philatelic Society website www.stamps.org. At WASHINGTON 2006 the reading room had been well visited.

    Website: Tony Virvilis (Greece) suggested that for every major literature exhibition a report with awards list should be put on the Commission website and in the Newsletter.

    Records: Mr Tay reported that since 2000 a list was kept of all Gold and Large Gold medals awarded.

    The Chairman reported that at ESPAÑA'06 the entry of The London Philatelist with 6 CDs took over an hour to load and another entry over two hours. Literature CDs had been sent out early so they could be judged at home. Formats were now more standardised although there had been some compatibility problems.

    Norman Banfield drew attention to two printed books incorporating CDs - one on Ethiopia included a list of known covers - the list was also on CD so that it could be updated. The other book From the Reichspost to Allied Occupation had a 300 page appendix with all the references - this appendix was on CD only.

    It had been agreed at the Commission meeting at WASHINGTON 2006 that CDs should be judged and the SREV and Guidelines would be revised to include CDs.

    The Chairman advised that at ESPAÑA'06 twelve websites had been entered. A Large Vermeil at 85 points was awarded to www.chilecollector.com which had 65,000 illustrations and 2650 pages. In the last 6-9 months the greater use of broadband and greater stability in websites now made it possible for them to be judged.

    Michael Dixon suggested that when judging it was necessary to check the links to other websites - these changed in content and some did not work.

    It was AGREED that websites should be judged whenever possible and the SREV and Guidelines updated.

    Publications from Postal Administrations
    The Chairman advised that previously it had been considered that publications from postal administrations had an unfair advantage. In future all philatelic literature would be judged except "sales publications" e.g. yearbooks.
    Commission Delegates
    Bruno Crevato-Selvaggi recommended that all countries should have a delegate on the Literature Commission and national federations should be asked to nominate a delegate.
    Details of Entries in Exhibition Catalogues
    Wolfgang Maassen referred to Supplementary Rule 4 which required entrants to provide publication details - date, publisher, number of pages and the means of ordering. He suggested this information should be included in the exhibition catalogue.

    The Chairman questioned whether that would be practicable - ESPAÑA'06 had 187 entries of books and journals. Nevertheless, Mr Maassen recommended this information should be made available.

The meeting closed at 1335 hours.

Norman Banfield
Secretary, FIP Literature Commission.

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